Ideas generation - first idea

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Ideas generation - first idea by Mind Map: Ideas generation - first idea

1. Characters

1.1. Character 1

1.1.1. Jason

1.1.2. Middle aged male, age 38

1.1.3. Transporter for illegal goods

1.1.4. Manly, well dressed and strong

1.2. Character 2

1.2.1. Andrew

1.2.2. Middle aged male, age 32

1.2.3. The sender of the transport

1.2.4. Well dressed, very rich & likes luxury items

1.3. Character 3

1.3.1. Amy

1.3.2. Young Women, age 17

1.3.3. The women being transported

1.3.4. A fitness model, that has been taken away from her previous life

1.4. Character 4

1.4.1. Smithy

1.4.2. Mature man, age 58

1.4.3. The Recipient of the good

1.4.4. An ex-marine, strong and lives in wilderness

2. Technical Ideas

2.1. Fast paced editing during the first half of the opening sequence (to build up engagement for the audience

2.2. The characters are individually represented to the audience through high key lighting (allows the audience to understand characters better later on)

3. Narrative

3.1. The transporter is given a new job to transport a good across the US & Canadian Border

3.2. However the item being transported starts to move around; and he decides to open it

3.3. This highly frustrates the sender of the package and he therefore tries to hunt both the model (package) & the transporter down.

3.4. The transporter has to keep his eyes open 24/7 to prevent getting caught by the sender of the package

4. Themes

4.1. The adrenaline, fast paced filom supports the themes of escaping the villains.

4.2. The highly intriguing story line that identifies good v.s evil characters is clear and well shown.