Ideas generation - Second idea

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Ideas generation - Second idea by Mind Map: Ideas generation - Second idea

1. Characters

1.1. Character 1

1.1.1. Emily

1.1.2. Middle aged female, age 34

1.1.3. works for special forces

1.1.4. Attractive, well trained  & devoted to her job

1.2. Character 2

1.2.1. Lucy

1.2.2. Young female, age 32

1.2.3. Killed whilst out on a hike

1.2.4. Urban clothing, likes exploring nature

1.3. Character 3

1.3.1. Kane

1.3.2. Middle aged man, age 39

1.3.3. Killed Lucy as he was in a ,mentally ill state

1.3.4. A man in the wilderness who likes to be away from civilisation

2. Technical Ideas

2.1. Different lighting techniques such as low key lighting are used to identify the urban locations (this also increases the contrasting effect between the modern and un-populated areas)

2.2. slow paced editing to emphasis the scenes more clearly to the audience. Establishing shots from both scenes to clearly identify the settings/locations in the opening sequence.

3. Narrative

3.1. Lucy goes on a hike through her local woods

3.2. She is found 2 weeks later at the corner of the lake

3.3. Emily investigates the cause for lucy's death

3.4. kane is tracked down and goes on the run...

4. Themes

4.1. Good v.s bad character types

4.2. civilization v.s wilderness