Collaborative Working

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Collaborative Working by Mind Map: Collaborative Working

1. Working on the same thing across the world

2. You can erm, use VOiP xx

3. work in less time.

4. have more ideas then just your own

4.1. New node

5. get their work done in less time.

6. PowerPoint and other visual displays can be shared with everyone attending the conference at the same time

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7. video confrencing

8. share their ideas and be more creative

8.1. get a better range of ideas

9. you can brainstorm ideas

10. work together

11. An example of year 10 working together collaboratively

12. work simultaniously on the same projoct

13. Working online can eliminate timezone difficulties

14. help each other when you come across issues

15. work collaborativley through VoIP e.g skype

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15.1.1. New node New node New node

16. its easy to use

17. goals are acheived more quickly

18. you can use online workspaces to work collaboratively

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19. You can use video conferencing so that you can talk face to face with people.

20. im lovin it