Understanding & Remembering

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Understanding & Remembering by Mind Map: Understanding & Remembering

1. Concentration

1.1. If you cannot concentrate, will be impossible to remember anything

1.1.1. changing old habits & make room for new habits direct, positive impact on ability to remember and learn information

1.2. It is hard to focus on anything for long if your life is fully of daily distractions

1.2.1. forget what you have worked hard learning

2. Memory

2.1. Shot Term Memory

2.1.1. Store information for about 30 seconds

2.1.2. Handle from 5-9 chunks of information at one time

2.1.3. Information either forgotten or moved to long-term memory

2.2. Long-Term Memory

2.2.1. Procedural-remembering how to do something

2.2.2. Semantic-remembering facts and meanings

3. Deep learning

3.1. Important to improve your ability to remember what you read, hear, and experience.

3.2. Ability to remember important details

3.2.1. save you energy and time prevent embarrassment

4. Improving memory

4.1. improve your ability to sore information in your brain for future use

4.2. strategies to improve memory

4.2.1. aural learner-record information or notes

4.2.2. visual learner- visualizing information or notes

4.2.3. reading- read information or notes

4.2.4. kinesthetic learner- learn by walking or moving while studying

4.3. Study tools

4.3.1. review sheets

4.3.2. mind maps

4.3.3. flash cards memory aid with a question, term, or other piece of imformation make good use of time

4.3.4. summaries help you answer short-answer and essay questions successfully by summarizing the main idea and putting them into your own words you will be able to remember information better

4.3.5. mnemonics different methods or tricks to remember information acronyms acrostics rhymes or songs visualization

5. Study to remember information

5.1. study to develop a deep understanding of course information

5.1.1. be able to place names, dates, and specific facts in context exercise your thinking abilities

5.2. Strategies

5.2.1. pay attention be confident get organized