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QMS by Mind Map: QMS

1. Dashboard

1.1. Front-end

1.1.1. Authentication UI Register Employee UI Login/Logout UI

1.1.2. CRUD Category

1.1.3. CRUD Branch +icon Select if QR Code is available Generate QR Code Select if Beacon is available Geo-fence Management CRUD Geo-fence Geo-code physical address

1.1.4. CRUD Service

1.1.5. CRUD Counter

1.2. Back-end

1.2.1. Queue system back-end Authentication Register employee Login/Logout admin CRUD Category CRUD Branch +icon Define if out-site queuing is available Define QR Code availability Define Beacon availablity CRUD Geo-fence CRUD Service CRUD Counter CRUD Advertisement CRUD Campaign CRUD Campaign General information CRUD Schedule Configure Beacon CRUD Beacon

1.2.2. Java Application Authentication Login/Logout Select employee information Get list of categories Get list of branchs Get list of services Get list of counters Number management Get next number Transfer Queue Number Re-Schedule Queue Number Total of queue generated(real time)

1.2.3. Mobile Application Authentication Register mobile user Login/Logout mobile user Get Mobile user details Verify if out-site queuing is available Generate out-site queue number Generate in-site queue number Get employee information Rate/feedback for employee Push Advertisement

1.2.4. Reporting Beacon Reports Number of people inside the branch(daily, weekly, monthly) Number of people who interacted with the beacon Average time spent with Bluetooth ON Average time spent inside the branch QR Code QMS Reports Get number of served customers(daily, weekly, monthly) Calculate average serving time(daily, weekly, monthly) Counter daily activity(daily, weekly, monthly) => services that he was dealing with Counter login/logout event (daily, weekly, monthly) Number of out-site generated queue numbers

2. Java Application

2.1. Authentication

2.1.1. Login/Logout

2.2. Counter functionalities

2.2.1. Select Branch/Service/Counter Number of in-site generated queue numbers

2.2.2. Counter Status

2.2.3. Current Number in Process

2.2.4. Total of customers waiting

2.2.5. Sequential Call (call customer by pressing the keypad or the button in the software) the calling number will automatically increment by 1

2.2.6. Counter Call Recall(repeat calling your customer if he/she does not respond or unaware of the process). Unlimited times of recall are allowed Priority call => Allows customer calling in a jump queue manner. Able to serve different services at the same time at a particular counter with each service having different priority level. If all services are having the same priority level, calling order will be based on FIFO(First In First Out) Support multiple services for every counter(in case the branch is having small number of staffs/counters) Missed call, allows counter staff to discard the current calling number when customer fail to turn up at the counter. Transfer Queue Number Counter Transfer Service Transfer

2.2.7. Staff personal information

2.3. Short Cut Key =>Customer can assign dedicated function on a selected keyboard button to enhance efficiency

3. Mobile Application

3.1. Employee

3.1.1. Select Branch/service/Counter

3.1.2. Call for next number

3.1.3. Login/Logout

3.2. Customer

3.2.1. Register Social Network Simple Form (name, email, DOB, phone number)

3.2.2. Geo-fence Detection Notify when the mobile phone is inside a geo-fence Notify when beacon is detected Switch on Bluetooth notification QR Code scanner (only when inside the Geo-fence)

3.2.3. Notification Management Notify when it's almost the customer turn Notify when it's customer turn

3.2.4. List of Categories

3.2.5. Check if out-site queuing is available

3.2.6. Request for out-site queue number

3.2.7. List of Branchs

3.2.8. List of Services

3.2.9. Request for in-site queue number

3.2.10. Rate employee at counter

3.3. Prevent using fake GPS applications (mock location system option needs to be disabled)

4. Reporting

4.1. Average service time

4.1.1. Number of Customers served By Employee By Counter By Branch By Service

4.1.2. Rating by employee

4.1.3. Counter Counter daily activity(daily, weekly, monthly) => services that he was dealing with Counter login/logout event (daily, weekly, monthly) counter total tickets(daily, weekly, monthly)

4.1.4. Department

4.1.5. Average dwelling time for customers

4.1.6. Different Charts for every report

5. beacon

6. ips

7. qms