Types of Banks~ Jasmine Coupland

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Types of Banks~ Jasmine Coupland by Mind Map: Types of Banks~ Jasmine Coupland

1. Retail Bank

1.1. Provide services for consumers, such as deposit accounts, mortgage,auto,and personal loans as well as credit cards.

1.2. Chase Bank

2. Internet Bank

2.1. have no physical location or building.

2.2. State farm Bank

3. Commercial Bank

3.1. focuses on business customers, providing bank accounts along with specialized services such as foreign exchange,investment services, and capital loans.

3.2. Commercial Bank Of Texas

4. Money Center Bank

4.1. are very large,often international banks whose primary customers are businesses, other banks, and governments.

4.2. Citi Bank

5. Investment Bank

5.1. helped companies prepare to become publicly traded companies and otherwise made profit from the stock market.

5.2. Bank of America

6. Central Bank

6.1. lend money when commercial banks are not able to,regulate banks,and control the money supply.

6.2. Bank of America

7. Interstate Bank

7.1. banks that branch across the state or a few states in the same region, say the Midwest, are know as regional banks or interstate banks

7.2. First Interstate Bank

8. National Bank

8.1. have offices across the country.

8.2. Camden National Bank