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History Timeline (2010) by Mind Map: History Timeline (2010)
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History Timeline (2010)

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July 25th

An anonymous source has been leaking internal reports of the war going on in Afghanistan.

February 1st

50th anniversary of the Greensboro sit in.

January 12th

Haiti is struck by a 7.0 earthquake with a death of 230,000.

April 20th

A huge oil spill occurs on the Gulf of Mexico, which largest one ever. Also 11 people were killed from the explosion of the platform.

June 11

The 2010 FIFA cup is held in South Africa.

August 10th

The World Health Organization declares the H1N1 pandemic over.

September 28th

100 people have gone missing after a landslide in Oaxca, Mexico.

October 13th

33 miners are recused from 700 meters below earth after 69 days in Ciapapo, Chile.

November 17th

The first time in history that humans trap antimatter.

December 2nd

NASA announces the discovery of the bacteria GFAJ-1 which may be able to partially replace phosphorous with arsenic in some of its biomolecules.

May 7th

After coducting many experiments involing this subject, scientists suggest Neanderthals and humans are interbred.

March 16th

The Kasubi Tombs, Uganda's only cultural World Heritage Site, are destroyed by fire.