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Great Health by Mind Map: Great Health

1. Get moving

1.1. Take the stairs

1.2. Go on foot

1.3. Have a walk on fresh air

1.4. Go to the gym

1.5. Running

1.6. Try exercise when you watch TV

2. Have a break

2.1. Deep breaths in between work

2.2. Tty a relaxation technique

2.3. Take a relaxing walk

3. Good sleep

3.1. Don't fall asleep with headphone

3.2. Sleep in quite, cool, dark room

3.3. Sleep about 8-9 hours

4. Healthy eat

4.1. No junk food

4.2. Plan ahead your lunch

4.3. Buy healthy food

4.4. Add healthy side dish

4.5. Keep a healthy snacks