My work placement

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My work placement by Mind Map: My work placement

1. definition

1.1. Internships are great opportunities for students to gain career-related work experience while still in school

2. dates

2.1. I did my last work placement from Monday the twelveth of March twenty eighteen to Friday the thirtyth of March twenty eighteen

2.2. I worked from eight past ten (8:10) to twelve past thirty (12:30) AM and from one past thirty (13:30) to three (15h) PM

3. company

3.1. I did an intership at Institute of Higher Education Pietro Scalcerle

4. staff

4.1. The director is Giancarlo Pretto

4.2. Home schooler is Monica Gasparello - working on the Erasmus and ciceroni project for foreign students

4.3. Fabienne De Col is a french teacher, literature and internship tutor

4.4. Amalia Sabido is a teacher and librarian

5. preterit

5.1. Simple Past

5.1.1. S + BV + ed (régulier)

5.1.2. S + Prétérit (irrégulier)

6. advice

6.1. It should accept doing uninteresting tasks, be polite and pleasant to the people it works with

6.1.1. For a successful internship, the trainee must seek advice, ask question, be open-minded, must be punctual

6.2. It should be able to accept changes and adatp to new situation

7. activities

7.1. During my last internship, I did various tasks including entering data into a table, sorting books, photocopying documents, Italian lessons with Amalia, French lessons with Fabienne de Col, meeting and interacting with Italian students

7.2. I also organized outings to Venice and Verona and created a slideshow of the internship in Italy on the Prezi website

8. benefits

8.1. A situation when both parties draw benefits is a "win-win situation"

8.1.1. Work experience allows the trainees to gain experience

8.1.2. They can make valuable personal contacts and learn a lot about the real world

8.1.3. The trainee can be a good help for the employer

9. perception

9.1. I liked the internship and I learned a lot.

9.1.1. The truth is that this experience has been very enriching because at a professional level I have been able to apply the computer knowledge learned in class. And on a personal level, I loved working as a team in a pleasant environment.

9.2. I have found simple and interesting missions.

9.3. The company was great.

9.3.1. I can say that there is a good relationship with the members of the staff.

10. location

10.1. It is located at number one hundred seventy four (174), Via cave in Padua, Italy

11. Intro : Presentation

11.1. Good morning my name is Andréa Chevreuil, I a seventeen years old, I study management and administration at haute follis vocational school, So far , I have studied eight themes in English, so i will present my work placement,