Uncovering Earth's Birthday

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Uncovering Earth's Birthday by Mind Map: Uncovering Earth's Birthday

1. Geology Celebrities

1.1. James Hutton

1.1.1. Some rocks at one point were molten

1.2. Charles Lyell

1.2.1. Principle of Uniformitarianism

1.3. Harold Urey

1.3.1. Isotopes to determine water temperatures in the past

1.4. Nicolas Steno

1.4.1. Scientific study of sedimentary rock strata

1.5. William Smith

1.5.1. fossils show evoluton

1.6. Ernest Rutherford

1.6.1. Using radioactivity to determine age

1.7. MIT

1.7.1. using volcanic ash to age date

2. Evolution of Age Dating

2.1. Fossils

2.2. Sedimentary Strata

2.3. Isotopes

2.4. Radioactivity

2.4.1. Carbon dating

2.4.2. Zircon

2.4.3. Uranium-Lead

2.4.4. Potassium-argon

2.5. Volcanic Ash Layers

3. What is Geology?

3.1. What geologists study

3.2. types of rocks

3.3. how different rock types relate (rock cycle)

3.4. Fossils

3.5. Age Dating

4. Nice work, Jason.  I would've liked to see some specific topics listed.  For example, for types of rocks, you should've listed each of the types.  Otherwise, good job!  I LOVE "Geology Celebrities"!