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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Static Electricity

1.1. Static electricity is the transfer of electrons.

1.1.1. Electrical discharge is the removal of electric charge from an object.

1.1.2. Opposite charges attract and alike charges repel.

2. Voltage, Current, Resistance

2.1. Voltage is the force of energy that is needed to make the electrical charge flow.

2.2. Current is the force, the movement of the electrical charge in the circuit.

2.3. Resistance is a force that is stopping the flow, something that wants to prevent the charge from flowing.

3. Circuits

3.1. Parallel

3.1.1. A circuit with parallel lights that makes it more reliable to use in buildings. If one the lights break then the lights will keep on shining since the charge has another way to get to the light bulb.

3.2. Series

3.2.1. A circuit with series lights that are beside each other that are not reliable if one breaks. If one of the light bulbs break then the whole circuit is useless now because all of the lights would turn off.

3.3. The most simple circuits include a load, a source and a path.

4. Conservation of electricity

4.1. Saving ENERGY! Only using electrical appliances when in need of it and turning it off when we are done.

4.1.1. Examples include, Using LED light bulbs, turning off the light when you exit your room, unplugging electrical cords when not in need.

4.1.2. Why it is important to conserve electricity is because not only does it save money but also it will help use less fossil fuels. Conserving energy does not only benefit us but also the environment we live in.