Point of View

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Point of View by Mind Map: Point of View

1. FP

1.1. There's one character that narrates the story in I.

1.1.1. This is my end, I just see the light vanishing.

1.1.2. I saw how he walk to his desteuction but I didn't stop him.

1.2. Peripheral, starts as TP then changes to FP.

1.2.1. Employee

1.2.2. Employee

1.3. That night cursed her forever no more farytale life,no more dreams.This cause her perdition to the dark side.    That night I had my last dream, since that day I am cursed to live and dream nightmares no matter if is day or night.

1.3.1. Employee

1.3.2. Employee

2. TP

2.1. Is the most common, making it bigger with subcategories. The story is tell in she or he.

2.1.1. Objective PV

2.1.2. Tells the story without the feelings and thoughts making it neutral with the character desicions. Is just a report does not have the narrator opinion.

2.2. He run to the door, she run too but her run was without end.

2.2.1. Employee

2.2.2. Employee

2.3. Waking he saw her and stood. He stood a very long time that he grew a winkle in the eyes. Good thing she did the same.

2.3.1. Employee

2.3.2. Employee

3. TP

3.1. Deep PV

3.1.1. Is the thoughts and feelings direct like the FPV but tell in he or she.

3.1.2. Stumbled he took the hearth breaking news. With a quick  clown's face everything seems to be right.

3.2. Complete Omniscince

3.2.1. He sees, knows and can reports all. No one knew only him, but he tell the nurse, the nurse tell it to the blond girl, the blond girl to her friend. The nurse tell to a teacher, the teacher joke of it in the faculty. One friend of the blond girl but it on Facebook. It was not a secret any more but the owner of the message was it.

3.3. Limited Omniscience

3.3.1. The authors limits it's narrator reporting all he knows.

3.3.2. He tell the secret to one person causing that the secret stop being a secret.

4. SP

4.1. The story is tell has the reader making the actios.

4.1.1. Employee

4.1.2. Employee

4.1.3. Your action lead you these mess. If only you didn't kill that women. Employee Employee

4.2. Nobody but you can solve this mistery, you are our last hope.

4.2.1. Employee

4.2.2. Employee

5. TP

5.1. Dramatic

5.1.1. Is the same as objective. The only thing is that he is not limited by just one person.

5.2. TP Limited Subjective

5.2.1. Is the same as the objective but with the thoughts and feelings.

5.2.2. He thought he has saw her before. So he run to her, his heart beating fast and his cheeks hot. This is crazy he think, the good thing is that he was crazy in love.

5.3. He rises his gun no target has been set, but soon it will be, the question is who.                      He is behind the target, he has been elected but he doesn't know why and doesn't his is behind the traget, that he was elected.

6. TP

6.1. O Limited Subjective

6.1.1. Employee

6.1.2. Employee

6.2. Is only the thoughts and feeling of  the protagonist.

6.2.1. Employee

6.2.2. Employee

6.3. He hear only a ham and felt deeply into a dream.

6.3.1. Employee

6.3.2. Employee

7. O Limited  Objectice

7.1. Reports only what he sees and hears.

7.2. She heart his steps and stood.