TRi Time Team Lead Institute

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TRi Time Team Lead Institute by Mind Map: TRi Time Team Lead Institute

1. Question

1.1. How might we begin?

1.2. How do we craft a driving question?

1.3. Why and how might we deliver a pitch?

2. Investigate

2.1. How do we investigate?

2.2. What research tools might help us investigate?

2.3. How might we conduct better keyword searches?

2.4. How might we research more effectively?

2.5. How might we plan our investigation?

2.6. How might we find mentors?

3. Create

4. Reflect

4.1. Reflect as Students

4.2. Reflect as Teachers

4.3. How will we be assessed?

5. Logistics

5.1. Food

5.2. Connections space booking

5.3. handouts

5.3.1. New TRi Time Agreements

5.4. Supplies

5.4.1. Pencils

5.4.2. Post-It Notes

6. Sharing with Faculty

6.1. PD Days

6.2. Team Meetings

6.3. Monday Brief

6.4. Inquiry Website?