Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessments

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessments by Mind Map: Autistic Spectrum Disorder Assessments

1. Developmental Assessment

1.1. Psycho educational Profile

1.2. Southern California Ordinal Scale of Development

1.3. Developmental Play Assessment

1.4. Brigance Inventory of Early Development

2. Communication Assessment: *expressive/receptive language

2.1. Sequential Inventory of Communication Development

2.2. Non-Speech Test

2.3. Semantic Skills

2.4. Expressive One-word Picture Vocabulary Test

2.5. Receptive One-word Vocabulary Test

2.6. Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals

2.7. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test

2.8. Raynell Developmental Language Scale

2.9. Pre-School Language Scale

3. Infant Toddler Assessment: cognitive/motor development

3.1. Bayley Scale of Infant Development

4. Non-Verbal Intelligence Assessment

4.1. Columbia Mental Maturity Scale

4.2. Merrill-Palmer Scale of Mental Test

4.3. Leiter International Performance Scale

4.4. Test of Non-Verbal Intelligence

5. Academic Screening Assessment

5.1. Aichenbach Child Maturity Scale

5.2. Analysis of Sensory Behavour

6. Family Assessment:

6.1. Behavioural Vignettes Test

6.2. Parenting Satisfaction Scale

6.3. Parenting Stress Index

6.4. Parental Stress Scale

6.5. Questionnaire in Resources and Stress

6.6. Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales

6.7. Child Improvement Scale

6.8. Family Environmental Scale

7. Diagnostic Assessment: *screening instrument to detect autistic features

7.1. Interview

7.2. Checklist for Autism in Toddler

7.3. Pre Linguistics Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule

7.4. Child Autism Rating Scale

7.5. Autism Behaviour Checklist

7.6. Real Life Rating Scale

7.7. Pervasive Developmental Disorder Screening Test

7.8. Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning

7.9. Diagnostic Checklist for Behaviour-Disturbed Children

7.10. Gillian Autism Rating Scale

8. Adaptive Assessment

8.1. Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales

9. Standardized Tests of Intelligence

9.1. Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children

9.2. Differential Ability Scale

9.3. Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale

10. Other Assessment Data

10.1. Standardized Videotape assessment

10.2. Complete Medical Exam

10.3. Audio-metric Assessment