computers2010 input

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computers2010 input by Mind Map: computers2010   input

1. Voice input

1.1. Speech

1.2. Geistesblitz Tools

1.3. Email & SMS Gateways

1.4. Compare Editions

2. Voice input

2.1. wab cam a type of digital video

2.2. Vacation Planning

2.3. Meeting Minutes

2.4. Project Plan

2.5. more...

3. Scanners and Reading Devices

4. objectives overview

4.1. instructions entered into the memory

4.2. programs commands and user responses

4.3. input device is hardware component that allows users to enter data and instructions

5. pointing devices

5.1. Mouse used pointing device on desktop computer

5.2. Touch Screens and Touch-Sensitive Pads

5.2.1. Touch-Sensitive display device

5.2.2. Micrfacerosoft Surface

5.2.3. Touch-Sensitive Pads

5.2.4. Pen input

5.2.5. for smart Phones

5.3. Game Controllers

5.4. Digital Cameras

5.4.1. Studio cameras Field cameras POint-and-shoot camera

6. Scanners and Reading Devices

6.1. flatbed pen or handheld sheet-fed drum

7. Scanners and Reading Device a bar code reader also colled abar code