Message: Become a supporter of AFL Women's

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Message: Become a supporter of AFL Women's by Mind Map: Message: Become a supporter of AFL Women's

1. Think: Recognise the quality of the Women's game

2. Feel: Intrest in the game and the female players

2.1. Consume AFL Women's related media

3. Do: Support the Women's League

3.1. Attend or watch matches

3.2. Participate at a grassroots level

3.3. Follow social media accounts

3.4. Actively seek information about the League and the players

4. Social Media

4.1. Twitter Q&A's

4.2. Video Features

4.2.1. E.g. non-physical competitions with male players

4.3. Behind the scenes training and game-day content

5. Advertisting

5.1. Television Ad

5.2. Radio shoutout

5.3. Print page spreads

5.4. Physical placement

5.4.1. At the ground On the screen Flags surrounding the ground

5.4.2. Public transport route to the ground

6. AFL Fantasty

6.1. Website and app

6.2. In-house AFL Fantasy related content

6.2.1. Articles

6.2.2. Podcasts

6.3. External discussion

6.3.1. Blogs and forums

6.3.2. Television and radio discussion