'Spurring Saddlbred Enthusiasm'

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'Spurring Saddlbred Enthusiasm' by Mind Map: 'Spurring Saddlbred Enthusiasm'

1. Volunteer Coordinator

1.1. Reach out to potential volunteers

1.1.1. Owners/riders from local Saddlebred barns

1.1.2. Members of local Saddlebred associations

1.1.3. Junior-exhibitors in need of Saddlebred Service hours

1.2. Stay in contact with volunteers leading up to the day of the event

1.3. Assign to stations and tasks that they are confident in and hopefully enjoy

1.4. Develop a training program for volunteer success

1.5. Work with Program Management to determine how many volunteers are needed, where, and when

2. Sponsorship Director

2.1. Contact potential sponsors

2.1.1. United Professional Horseman Association (UPHA) Chapter 14

2.1.2. UPHA Chapter 15

2.1.3. The Equestrian Collection

2.1.4. Terry Young Photography

2.1.5. Road Island Tack

2.1.6. New England horse shows Connecticut Summer Classic UPHA Ch. 14 Spring Primer Greater Boston Charity Horse Show Twin States Summer Kick-Off Twin States Oktoberfest

2.1.7. My Trainer's Closet

2.2. Work with Advertising Director to ensure that secured sponsorship are adequately advertised during event

2.3. Contact Saddlebred stables around New England for donations of lessons to raffle

2.3.1. Chase Farm

2.3.2. L.M. Turner Stables

2.3.3. Lukens Stable

2.3.4. Dar-More Stable

2.3.5. Dar-Cole Stable

2.3.6. Sterling Hills

2.3.7. Rocking Horse Farm

2.3.8. Veril Stable

2.3.9. Wentz Stable

2.4. Reach out to potential vendors

2.4.1. The Gorgeous Horse

2.4.2. The Equestrian Collection

2.4.3. Road Island Tack

2.5. Write to invite all sponsors and contacts that chose not to sponsor, inviting them to the event

2.6. After event, write to thank all sponsors and vendors for their support

3. Advertising Director

3.1. Design and produce graphs to advertise event on location

3.2. Produce flyers, distributed locally

3.3. Work with the Big E Fair to have event advertised within their fair information

3.3.1. Organized time schedule of tours, including which stables are available for each specific tour

3.3.2. Listed as an attraction on the Big E App

3.3.3. Listed in written material

3.4. Pursue web based advertisement

3.4.1. Create hashtag

3.4.2. Work to create social media "buzz"

3.5. Listed on various web sites

3.5.1. Big E Fair web site

3.5.2. Facebook page

3.5.3. Local activities pages

4. Program Management

4.1. Director of Stable Tours

4.1.1. Contact stables before event that would be willing to host tours throughout the horse show

4.1.2. Coordinate appropriate times with volunteer stables to host tour

4.1.3. Cooperate with Advertising Director to produce advertisement of stable tours

4.1.4. Cooperate with Volunteer Coordinator in the selection and training of volunteers to lead stable tours Reach out to local radio stations for advertising opportunities

4.2. Director of Demonstrations

4.2.1. Work with the Big E Saddle Horse Show to coordinate demonstrations between horse show sessions

4.2.2. Cooperate with Advertising Director to produce advertisement of demonstrations

4.2.3. Enlist volunteers with American Saddlebreds of various divisions and disciplines to participate in demonstrations

4.2.4. Write dialog for announcer to read during demonstrations and encourage announcer to involve the audience questions

4.2.5. Investigate audience involvement methods Award raffle tickets as prizes Twitter Texting question/answer activities

4.2.6. Secure sound system usage, possible share with the Big E Saddle Horse Show

4.3. Director of Educational Booths

4.3.1. Cooperate with Event Venue Manager Secure rentals of: tents, temporary stall, tables, and chairs Secure use of video equipment

4.3.2. Coordinate with Advertising Director on means of drawing fair-goers to booths

4.3.3. Produce educational material Brochures produced by the American Saddlebred Horse Association Professional video productions promoting the American Saddlbred Coloring station for younger audience

4.3.4. Contact local Saddlebred owners for Saddlebred ambassador for "photo booth"

4.3.5. Cooperate with Sponsorship Director to organize a raffle; lessons at Saddlebred barns throughout New England will be given as prizes, a table will be set up at the educational booth where tickets can be placed into jars for each different stable

5. Event Venue Manager

5.1. Cooperate with the Big E Fair for educational booth space

5.2. Cooperate with the Big E Fair Saddle Horse Show for use of coliseum during live demonstrations and coordinating stable tours

5.3. Research economical avenues for necessary rentals

5.4. Research needed liability issurance

6. Budgeting Team

6.1. Design and produce written budget

6.2. Track all expenses and income

6.3. Work with other team members to allocate necessary funding and determine needed cuts