Atom:  Smallest component of matter

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Atom:  Smallest component of matter by Mind Map: Atom:  Smallest component of matter

1. Properties

1.1. Atomic Mass

1.1.1. Total : Protons & Neutrons

1.2. Atomic Weight

1.2.1. Weight average of Atomic mass of isotopes of element

1.3. Atomic Number

1.3.1. Total : Protons

2. Subatomic Particles

2.1. Proton (+)

2.2. Neutron (0)

2.3. Electron (-)

3. Types

3.1. Elements

3.1.1. Substance formed of atom w/ same atomic number

3.2. Isotopes

3.2.1. Same atomic number, with different number of neutrons

4. Bonding

4.1. Covalent

4.1.1. Share valence shells

4.2. Ionic

4.2.1. Atoms trade electrons; Become ionized; Attract each other b/c opposite charged

4.3. Hydrogen

4.3.1. Polar Covalent Bonds with Hydrogen Atoms Solutions Water can dissolve these polar bonds easier b/c of opposite charges Electronegativity (EN) The bond is polar b/c one atom has tendency to attract E- more than other