The Princess & The Pea  Done by : Pin Hui & Pearlyn (T10)

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The Princess & The Pea  Done by : Pin Hui & Pearlyn (T10) by Mind Map: The Princess & The Pea  Done by : Pin Hui & Pearlyn (T10)

1. Age group : 4 - 7 years old

2. What children can learn from the text?

2.1. Determination

2.1.1. " He travelled all over the world to find one..." The prince did not give up to his princess

2.1.2. The prince went all over the world just to search for his princess.

2.2. Never judge a book by its cover

2.2.1. "Good gracious! What a sight she was in all that rain and wind... Yet she claimed to be a real princess."

2.2.2. The queen did not believe that she was a princess as she does not seem like one due to the mess she is in.                                                The clothes that the princess was wearing does not really show that she was a princess too.

2.3. Right opportunity at the right time

2.3.1. The prince went all around the world to search for the real princess but in vain.                         Only when the terrible storm struck then the real princess appeared.

2.4. No lives are perfect

2.4.1. Normally children would think prince and princess have everything they want but in this story, the prince himself has to travel all around the world to find the real princess.

3. Development areas that emerge

3.1. Language & Literacy

3.1.1. The use of language: "Storm struck. Thunder boomed. Lightning flashed across the sky, and rain slapped"

3.2. Numeracy

3.2.1. The number of mattresses and feather beds are stated as the queen piles it up on top of the pea.

3.2.2. Emphasizes on the existence of one pea.

3.3. Social & Emotional development

3.3.1. Different emotions are taught throughout the story.

4. Integration into learning areas/dispositions

4.1. Perseverance

4.1.1. The children are able to learn not to give up even though it is a difficult and challenging task; just like how the prince did not give up going around the world to find real princess before he heads home.

4.2. Appreciation

4.2.1. The children are able to recognize that everyone has different and unique qualities. They would be able to understand that no lives are perfect and they would not judge a book by its cover.

4.3. Social & Emotional development

4.3.1. The children are able to learn that one should not judge a person by how they look because though the princess looks haggard due to the rain, she is the real princess as compared to other princess that are dressed nicely.

5. Pre/post activities

5.1. Role Play

5.1.1. Children could role play and act out the different roles of the story to personally experience. This enhances the child's social and emotional development. Effective social and emotional development instils healthy self-esteem in children. Management of feelings, thoughts and behaviour are being taught to the children which will benefit them later in life in terms of forming strong and meaningful relationships.