Black Ward Entertainment

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Black Ward Entertainment by Mind Map: Black Ward Entertainment

1. Target Audience

1.1. Investors

1.1.1. Crowdsourcing Indiegogo Kickstarter

1.1.2. Bank Loan

1.1.3. Major Labels

1.1.4. Local Donations

1.2. Future/Current Artists

1.2.1. Signed/Unsigned? Amateurs Students Engineers Musicians Singers Age 15-35 Professionals Producers Engineers Musicians Singers Age 21+

1.3. Promoters

1.3.1. Music equipment manufacturers

1.3.2. Other major labels

2. Future Self

2.1. Experience

2.1.1. Future Art Education Collaboration FSO Bachelors in Music Production Portfolio Studio Internship Certifications in IT CEH CCENT CCNA

2.2. Interests

2.2.1. Composing music professionally Movies Games Music Albums Collaboration

2.2.2. Capable in music technology and methodology More technical operation knowledge Expanded music theory

2.2.3. Traveling Finding artists Within US Outside US Coordinating shows Within USA Outside USA Within Local (VA)

2.3. Reputation within local community

2.3.1. Volunteer work

2.3.2. Church

2.3.3. Military Community

3. STAR (something they'll always remember) Moments

3.1. Everyone has an opinion that wants to be heard, but at a young age, people are often told to keep some of those thoughts to themselves.

3.1.1. Wants to be heard

3.1.2. Creates personal value

3.1.3. Reflect Who haven't you listened to? What potential exists in the people who haven't had the opportunities?

3.2. Education lacks art

3.2.1. School Systems What is working? Sports English Art What is failing? Kids are learning material that often isn't used and isn't interesting to them Creative classes are not a requirement

3.3. Creative positive solutions for our community

3.3.1. Gives opportunities Money Music Education

3.3.2. Encouraging inspiration from their local environment

3.4. Opening Grabbers

3.4.1. What are your kids doing after school?

3.4.2. Can your kid draw, sing, or play an instrument? Were you ever in that place? And where are you in comparison? Can't most? Don't they all want to?

3.4.3. I was once told that to have a talent and not to share it with the world, is the same as stealing.

4. True Message

4.1. We want to create a foundation for teens and young aspiring artists, to provide them the tools and structure to explore creativity using industry equipment that would normally be out of reach, at an affordable price.

4.2. Create a positive impact on the community by encouraging respect for local communities to young artists

4.3. Everyone has a voice that wants to be heard

5. Presentation Flow

6. Beginning

6.1. Short Story

6.1.1. Values achieved Creative Exploration Took away from doing drugs and drinking Tools to enable me to question and criticize the world around me Technical understanding of technology

6.1.2. My prior Education Declining high school grades Early Graduation Preferred working for money Drugs, alcohol Little direct incentive of grades Military Prior Radio technician Technical control Credentials Visual Arts Sold art in gallery Commission designer in tattoo shop Fine Arts Camp Music Composition and Editing Classes Parents gave loans (total up to $8,000+) to afford, which I worked off from employment Other students Was often times a silly equipment competition. Who had the best of whatever

6.1.3. Early Independent Production Label: SubversionX Self X to Z REDNAX Home studio Built with own money Professional grade equipment Used to influence school friends Examples of prior artists Phonetic Northkut Wolfpack Jim-E Atinhut

6.2. What are we trying to accomplish?

6.2.1. Independent Music Label Focus on the development of  young independent artists Apprenticeship program for teens and young adults, at an affordable rate Veteran owned Label Name: Black Ward Entertainment 2014 Originated in a military hospital Focus on music composition and production

6.2.2. Youth Examples of Negative Personal Influences for young artists and teens Bad Grades Rebellion Abuse Being misunderstood Examples of positive artistic influences for young artists and teens Multimedia Visual Performance What are their values Show the value of creating a final product Needs

6.2.3. Young independent musicians Provide professional resources

7. Middle

7.1. Why is this music label important?

7.1.1. Focus on cross-collaboration Building Bonds Mentorship

7.1.2. Educate Mitigating client attrition Enforcing grade standards for <18 Providing personal support Music Theory Sound association Psychology What creates "harmony" Hands-on labwork Sound manipulation Composition Access to equipment that isn't easily accessible When you become an adult, you have to work hardest if you want to get back into education.

7.1.3. (abstract: life) How to Communicate Express Question Criticize Appreciate Translate values of art to music to life

7.1.4. Independent Licensing

7.1.5. Decentralized management Peer-to-peer support

7.1.6. To Protect People To protect them as an investment to their community From negative external influences Legally from misrepresentation or abuse from music industry To protect creative identity and individuality

8. End

8.1. How

8.1.1. How will we market ourselves? Branding Collaboration with other industries Sell opportunity Parents Teens Progressive artists Create means for musical employment

8.1.2. How will this help young artists? Management Music Business Education Senior mentorship program Encourage Independence Discovering Self Value Finding Purpose Encourage Growth New industry of independent professionals Scale of growth to determine seniority in label Assigned collateral duties in studio Create a professional education plan Provide positive facility Environment Professional educators It will create opportunity Exploration

8.1.3. How will it be afforded? Technology Work to get equipment through promoters Admission Cost Facility Property Utilities Studio build Music Equipment Seek federal funding Afterschool Alliance

8.1.4. How will we show proof of concept? Creating musical presentations for local communities and neighborhoods Being a positive artist requires being someone with a positive name and reputation Show a decline in substance abuse and crime Show incline in student spirit and grades Numbers of published works

8.1.5. How will we appeal to artists? Make it "cool" for students Create a brand that the youth wants to share among themselves A reputation for youth to represent because they're a part of it, and not to billboard someone else's brand Encourage major published artists to meet Potential for monetary reward Provide opportunities for creative growth