challenges for singapore during 1965 to 1979 responses

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challenges for singapore during 1965 to 1979 responses by Mind Map: challenges for singapore during 1965 to 1979 responses

1. unemployment

1.1. setting up of labour intensive industries

1.1.1. more jobs for singaporeans

1.2. invited foreign corperations for more job opportunities

2. decrease in entrepot trade

2.1. appointment of PSA to control all port facilities.

2.2. expansion of port facilities to cater to larger ships

2.3. developing of the keppel and tanjong pagar terminal for more efficient hadling of goods

3. loss of economic hinterland

3.1. decided to star trade with other nearby countries

3.2. started trading with other foreign countries that pass by the reigon

4. small land area

4.1. developing of industrial estates

4.2. located near housing estates

4.3. heavy industries are located away from residential areas to prevent pollution and noise

5. labour disputes

5.1. new labour law passed

5.2. IAC set up to settle misunderstandings between employers and workers

5.3. NTUC trade union set up to improve and promote good working relationships between workers and employers

5.4. increased wages for workers who were more productive to entice workers to work harder

6. weak industrial base

6.1. welcomed foreign investors

6.2. setting up of the EDB

6.3. government provided insentives for foreign inestors to interest them

7. unskilled labour force

7.1. introduction of technical education

7.2. EDB started industrial training schemes

8. defense

8.1. learned from israel for better training

8.2. introduced national service

9. New node