How to (Actually) Become Elite at Growth

Talk by Brian Balfour (Founder & CEO, Reforge) during WMD 2016

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How to (Actually) Become Elite at Growth by Mind Map: How to (Actually) Become Elite at Growth

1. High Impact, Low popularity:

2. Brian Balfour, Founder/CEO, Reforge

2.1. @bbalfour


3. Slide Deck

4. Addiction

4.1. We have an addiction to search for the next big hack, tip, trick,…

4.2. Hackticks = Prescriptions for growth problems

5. Say NO!

6. Problem solving requires NEW approaches

6.1. Solve unsolved problems

6.2. unlock most growth

7. 5 of 7 things – I wish I knew when I started my career

7.1. Accomplishments > Credentials

7.1.1. GPA 4.0 = the most important thing!

7.1.2. in college, pursued same goal > easy classes

7.1.3. Our work has become more transparent > Credentials are less important now a days

7.1.4. FOCUS on accomplishments not credentials

7.2. Keep One Foot in the Known

7.2.1. Known vs. Unknown

7.3. Generalist or Specialist (Laser Focus)

7.3.1. Master the Fundamentals Fundamentals build your foundation The fundamentals in growth are not channel related Mastering the fundamentals never end

7.3.2. The Fundamentals For Growth Being “ok” at a variety of things, is far less valuable then been amazing at one.

7.3.3. Going Deep

7.4. Choosing your Projects

7.4.1. People often choose projects by personal/internal motivation

7.4.2. Successful people choose projects by: MESSY/HARD/IMPORTANT - high impact, low  popularity You learn a lot Become a rare expert Make yourself Visible

7.5. Build a Platform

7.5.1. 1. Opportunities flow to you

7.5.2. 2. You create leverage

7.5.3. 3. You build a personal brand