Saving the Confluence

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Saving the Confluence by Mind Map: Saving the Confluence

1. Protecting the Grand Canyon

1.1. Who can Save the Grand Canyon

1.1.1. Native American view. Situation

1.2. Escalade Empty Promise

1.2.1. Scottsdale AZ

1.3. 5 Reasons to Fight for the G.C.

1.3.1. Respect, Wonder, An APT reminder, Grandeur, and It’s the Colorado river

1.4. Are we losing the G. C.

1.4.1. 650 Mile Trek through the Grand Canyon

1.5. A River Outfitters Experience

1.5.1. Western River Guide

2. Beauty of the Grand Canyon

2.1. How the G.C. changed our ideas of Natural Beauty

2.1.1. ASU Professor

2.2. Grand Canyon Tourism

2.2.1. Population, Money, and Tourism

2.3. Keep the Grand Canyon

2.3.1. Main points, Sign petition

3. Native Americans

3.1. Life of Native Americans Today

3.1.1. What they go through today

3.2. Saving the Confluence

3.2.1. Don't take their land, Bribbing