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Static Electricity QuekHockCheong (20) Class:4S1 by Mind Map: Static Electricity              QuekHockCheong                              (20) Class:4S1
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Static Electricity QuekHockCheong (20) Class:4S1


Positive charge: When there are more protons than electrons, there would be a positive charge.

Negative charge: When there is a greater amount of electrons, there would be a negative charge.

Like Charges Repel and Unlike Charges Attract

The SI Unit for charge is Coulomb (C)


C=I x t

Methods of Charging




Methods of neutralising charged insulators

Heating the glass rod with a Bunsen burner

Leaving the charged body in a moist condition

Neutralising charged conductiors

By earthing the charged conductor

The Earth Is An Electron Reservoir

Applications of electrostatics

Removal of flue-ash

Van De Graaff generator

Spray Painting

Hazards of electrostatics