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Static electricity by Mind Map: Static electricity
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Static electricity

field lines

the line starts from the positive charge and ends on the negative charge.

Any line drawn from the positive charge and ending on a negative charge is proportional to the magnitude of the charge.

Two field lines cannot cross each other.



Law of electrostatics 1) unlike charges attract 2) like charges, however, repel each other.

Not caused by friction but by contact.

SI unit the coulomb or C.

The region in which an electric charge experiences charge.

+ve/ -ve charges

in a positive charge, the electric field lines point outwards

In a negative charge the electric field lines point inward.

various materials that produce charge when rubbed.

Amber rubbed with fur.produces positive charge.

rubber rubbed wit fur produces positive charge.

glass rubbed with silk cloth produces negative charge.

polythene rubbed with wool produces negative charge,



known as charging by induction


Daily applications



dust removal

car paint job


cause wildfires.

cause blackouts