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Physics Chapter 16 Static Electricity by Mind Map: Physics Chapter 16
Static Electricity
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Physics Chapter 16 Static Electricity



Electrical Conductors, Induction, Process of charging a conductor without any contact with the charging body.

Electrical Insulators, Friction


Positive & Negative

Like charges repel

Unlike charges attract


Electric Charge

Coulombs (C)

Neutralizing Charges

Discharging a charged insulator



Discharging a charged conductor

Earthing it (Grounding)

Electric Field

An electric field is a region where an electric charge experiences an electric foce.

The Direction of the field is defined as the direction of the force on a small positive charge

The strength of an electric field is indicated by how close the field lines are to each other



Thunderclouds are charged by friction between the water molecules in the thunderstorm, and the air molecules

Electrostatic Discharge

Practical Appliccations

Laser Printer

Electrostatic precipator

Spray Painting

Crop spraying?

High-Voltage Generators