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Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox) by Mind Map: Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox)
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Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox)

This is a Sandbox. Please do NOT have your weekly discussion here!   Please do the following in the Sandbox Add a new bubble/node Add a note to your bubble Add a few more nodes and delete them Add a cross-thread link

New node

well that is a very nice node

02/04/11_mpetrie: Testing a response to myself. I feel so important:P

Self Answer

I gave you this because of how brilliant you are!

Hi you guys! did you ever notice how sandboxes really stink if you forget to put the lid on them? Did you guys sign up for a mindmeister account? I did and found a really cool map of digital media info:

Nadeau_Note Function This is my 8th attempt at making this note :)

That looks very complex.

02/04/11_mpetrie: Seems like a very interesting program. Kinda seems like it could get confusing fast though.

Creation of a note for bubble.

Hello! :-)

This could get very interesting!

Hello, This is interesting.

Fei_Note Function

Hi, make sure that you leave your name and use the "Extras-Notes-Advanced" function! :)

hi people~it's tintin


ok. nice to meet you.

Hi everyone. it is really interesting. we have to practice using it. Lamees

02/08/11_Bado: It's awesome

New node

Jenna Wittwer

This is very interesting. Yanyan, your tutorial is great! This is fun, but somewhat confusing.

New node


New Node!

An additional node

And another...

02/10/11_Todd Whited

This is my test note. Testing... 1...2 ....3

Wow, this is confusing. I prefer Blackboard.-RGreene

Thomas Mitchem

Starting to get it.

New node

lots of mapping going on here!

2/10/2010_copp seems confusing to me!



This is an interesting environment to chat in.

I am not sure how this will work, but it is fun to try it out.