Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox)

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Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox) by Mind Map: Weekly Discussion Topic (Sandbox)

1. New node

1.1. well that is a very nice node

2. 02/04/11_mpetrie: Testing a response to myself. I feel so important:P

3. Self Answer

4. Hi you guys! did you ever notice how sandboxes really stink if you forget to put the lid on them? Did you guys sign up for a mindmeister account? I did and found a really cool map of digital media info: http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/66229100

4.1. That looks very complex.

5. 02/04/11_mpetrie: Seems like a very interesting program. Kinda seems like it could get confusing fast though.

6. Hello! :-)

6.1. This could get very interesting!

6.1.1. does this go on forever?? Fei -Yes!

7. Hello, This is interesting.

7.1. Fei_Note Function

8. hi people~it's tintin

8.1. ok. nice to meet you.

9. Hi everyone. it is really interesting. we have to practice using it. Lamees

10. 02/08/11_Bado: It's awesome

11. New node

12. Jenna Wittwer

12.1. New node

13. New Node!

13.1. An additional node

13.2. And another...

14. 02/10/11_Todd Whited

15. Wow, this is confusing. I prefer Blackboard.-RGreene

16. Thomas Mitchem

16.1. Starting to get it.

16.1.1. New node

17. New node

18. lots of mapping going on here!

18.1. 2/10/2010_copp seems confusing to me!

19. 2/10_Allison_Practice

20. 2/11_David_Practice

20.1. This is an interesting environment to chat in.

20.2. I am not sure how this will work, but it is fun to try it out.