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Our Learning Y0/Y1/Y2 by Mind Map: Our Learning Y0/Y1/Y2
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Our Learning Y0/Y1/Y2


Learning Centre

Set up a learning centre for touch typing.


Include a keyboard in all the childrens books so they can continue practicing.


To include other technologies eg; books, whiteboards, mimio, typing, fine motor mouse control



Include use of digital tools and software as a column to the planning.

Creating work

Teachers are going to make resources to use on whiteboards for children to use.


Would like to have the chance to use more technologies avaliable to use in the school, eg; ipad; flip camera.


Avaliablity / Road Blocks


Liked the idea of recording books and using for listening posts.

Digital Matrix

It shows all the different stages and links in with key competencies.  Could be adapted further to make more child friendly.

Computer Roles

Director/Observer etc - good managment and a way of including all children in the use of the computer.

Reading Tumble

The use of reading choices - this give the children more options.  The ability to re visit skills they are still learning.


Great idea - scrapbook for conferencing - at appropriate level

Time Management

-It about making sure everything is well organised before the start of the day - not  having flat batteries in the camera, having all the avaliable cords to downlaod information.  Time consuming/managment/organisation


Have a camera avaliable so the children can independently take photos of their work, eg; writing on the whiteboard, maths sequcencing etc.