Put the e in learning

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Put the e in learning by Mind Map: Put the e in learning

1. $$$$????

1.1. What you have available to you in the way of equipment

1.1.1. Time to set up.

1.2. Use it or loose it

2. Try adding video to teaching in some way

3. Using I pod splitter garage band and record stories : publish orally

4. Try the before school activity idea

5. Computers in class, pod, ICT suite

5.1. Using mimio to sign in and display planning

5.2. using games

5.2.1. maths and reading activities

6. Adding touch typing to handwriting

7. Skype

7.1. Emailing other schools, other classes

7.2. E buddies: some one you have connect with using ICT

8. I pads to read books

9. Monitors

9.1. Timetabling

10. Making sure our planning links to both equipment use and using hyperlinks.