Focus on Knowing Your Students

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Focus on Knowing Your Students by Mind Map: Focus on Knowing Your Students

1. requires selflessness

1.1. favorite quote about selflessness

1.2. don't think so much "I want them to like me"... think "I like them!"

2. can use a 4-step approach

2.1. break the ice

2.1.1. example of "This or That?" game

2.2. take inventory

2.2.1. example of student surveys:

2.3. store data

2.3.1. example of spreadsheet:

2.4. do regular check-ups

2.4.1. example of "How's it Going?" form

3. most important thing in order to be an effective teacher

4. the students are the starting point, not the course content

5. create a class profile

5.1. look for learning styles & preferences

5.1.1. learning style quiz

5.2. look for learning skills and work habits

5.2.1. organization

5.2.2. responsibility

5.2.3. collaboration

5.2.4. independent work

5.2.5. collarboration

5.3. consult students' current and previous teachers, coaches, guidance cousellors

5.4. consult OSR

5.4.1. the official educational record of student

5.5. consult with parents,

6. after you know your students, do something about it!

6.1. provide accommodations

6.2. apply UDL principals

6.2.1. guidelines

6.3. use differentiated strategies

6.3.1. tips for DI