food influinces

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food influinces by Mind Map: food influinces

1. social

1.1. culture

1.1.1. what background you are has a big compact on your social look on food

1.2. technology

1.2.1. technology only makes food look so good so you feel you need it

1.3. friends

1.3.1. your friends affect your online social group so you cant look at food

2. recources

2.1. family

2.1.1. the cost of food, so the harder it is to get food that you can afford

2.2. lifestyle

2.2.1. the times you eat can affect your recources by what you choose to eat and what you don't

2.3. food supply

2.3.1. what you have around will affect your food intake time so you don't eat as much

2.4. media

2.4.1. the media only makes the food look so good so you have the temptation to cook it like they do

3. personal

3.1. culture

3.1.1. the food you eat is based on your culture

3.2. personal recources

3.3. value

3.3.1. what you want to eat is something that affects your personal

3.4. lifestyle

3.4.1. what you choose to eat can affect what you put into your body