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MY LIFE by Mind Map: MY LIFE

1. Aitor

1.1. Past

1.1.1. I liked to play football

1.1.2. My favourite colour was blue

1.1.3. I played in the park with my friends

1.1.4. I had long hair

1.1.5. I wanted to be policeman

1.1.6. My favourite animal was the wolf

1.1.7. My favourite colour was purple

1.1.8. My favourite food was the spaghettis

1.1.9. I played with toys, like cars

1.1.10. I saw movies, like Nemo

1.2. Present

1.2.1. I live in Las Villas

1.2.2. I have short hair

1.2.3. My favourite colour is red

1.2.4. My favourite food is pizza

1.2.5. I hang out with friends

1.2.6. I like to play football in my free time

1.2.7. I have a mobile

1.2.8. I like to play PlayStation 4

1.2.9. I like dubstep music

1.2.10. I play pc videogames

2. Alex

2.1. Past

2.1.1. I played in the park with my friends

2.1.2. I rode bike around the streets with my parents

2.1.3. I liked pizza

2.1.4. I had short curly hair

2.1.5. I liked to throw firecrackers

2.1.6. I wanted to be astronaut

2.1.7. My favourite animal was the turtle

2.1.8. My favourite colour was orange

2.1.9. I played with my toys

2.1.10. I read books

2.2. Present

2.2.1. I have short hair

2.2.2. I have a lock

2.2.3. My favourite food is soup

2.2.4. My favourite animal is the leopard

2.2.5. I hang out with my friends around the streets

2.2.6. My favourite colour is red

2.2.7. I go to ESO

2.2.8. I play PlayStation 4

2.2.9. I like electronic music

2.2.10. I have a mobile