The Book Theif

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The Book Theif by Mind Map: The Book Theif

1. Heinz Hermann

1.1. Mayor of Molching

1.2. Husband of Ilsa

2. Franz Deutscher

2.1. Hitler youth leader

2.2. Beats Rudy up in the street for throwing a rock at his head

3. Tommy Muller

3.1. Friend and classmate of Leisel

3.2. Hearing problems due to a chronic ear infection

3.3. Gnerally helpless and relies on the support of Rudy

4. Pfiffikus

4.1. Old man with habit of whistling

5. Max Vandenburg

5.1. He comes to befriend Liesel as the two share their respective nightmares

5.2. A Jew who hides in Huberman's basement

5.3. Wracked with anguish and guilt over leaving his family to save himself

6. Hans Junior Huberman

6.1. Hans and Rosa's only son

6.2. Ashamed of his father's kindness towards the Jews and accuses him of being a coward for not supporting Hitler

6.3. Serves in the German Army in Russia

7. Barbara Steiner

7.1. Rudy's Mother

8. Werner Meminger

8.1. Liesel's six-year-old brother who dies at the beginning

9. Walter Kugler

9.1. Max's best friend

9.2. Fighting partners

9.3. Walter helps Max hide from the Nazis and arranges for Max to stay at Hans

10. Johann Hermann

10.1. Ilsa's son who froze to death in 1918, presumably while fighting in World War I

11. Ilsa Hermann

11.1. The mayor's wife

11.2. Spent decades mourning the death of her son Johann

11.3. Witnesses Liesel stealing a book from the book burning and invites Liesel into her home library to read

11.4. Ilsa and her husband take Liesel into their home after Hans and Rosa are killed

12. Frau Holtzapfel

12.1. Neighbor of the Hubermanns who has feuded with Rosa for a long time

12.2. Frau Holtzapfel is emotionally ruined by the death of one of her sons, and after Michael commits suicide, she quietly awaits Death

13. Hans Huberman

13.1. An amateur accordion player, Hans is a tall, gentle man with a remarkable amount of integrity and bravery

13.2. His compassion sets a strong example for Liesel, who is soothed by his presence

13.3. Impulsive kindness ultimately gets him in trouble, and he is conscripted to serve in a dangerous air raid recovery unit

13.4. Survives this assignment, but ultimately dies in the air raid that hits Molching at the end of the novel

14. Frau Olendrich

14.1. Liesel and Rudy’s teacher

15. Mr. Herbert Jenson

15.1. Hides in the Fielders’ basement during air raids

16. Karin Steiner

16.1. One of Rudy's sisters

17. Kurt  Steiner

17.1. Rudy's older brother

18. Bettina Steiner

18.1. Rudy's sister

19. Reinhold Zucker

19.1. Air Raid Special Unit member who trades seats with Hans on a truck

20. Michael Holtzapfel

20.1. Frau Holtzapfel’s son who returns from the war injured

21. Robert Holtzapfel

21.1. Never returns from the war

21.2. Michael's brother

22. Boris Schipper

22.1. Air Raid Special Unit sergeant during World War One

22.2. Hans Hubermann is a member of his unit.

23. Herr Heckenstalker

23.1. A supervising teacher who oversees the humiliating medical examination of Rudy and other boys who are being considered for elite Nazi schools

24. Jugen Schwartz

24.1. School boy who is examined by Herr Heckenstaller

25. Olaf Spiegel

25.1. School boy who is examined by Herr Heckenstaller

26. Dieter Westheimer

26.1. Owner of a bar called the Knoller

27. Paula Meminger

27.1. Leisel's mother

27.2. Communist

28. Andy Schmeikl

28.1. Ludwig's older brother

29. Victor Chemmel

29.1. Second leader of group of theifs

29.2. Wealthy but steals for excitement

29.3. He beats Rudy for his insolence

30. Death

30.1. Dryly cynical narrator of The Book Thief

30.2. Uses color to distracts its self

31. Frau Henrich

31.1. Woman from the foster care agency who facilitates the transfer of Liesel to the Hubermanns.

32. The Fuhrer

32.1. Hitler

32.2. Leader of Germany

33. Trudy Huberman

33.1. Hans and Rosa's adult daughter

34. Eric Vandenburg

34.1. Max's father who served in World War I with Hans

34.2. Saves Hans' life by volunteering him for a writing assignment on the day he and everyone else in his regiment are killed in battle

34.3. Taught Hans to play the accordion, and Hans' accordion was originally Erik's

35. Frau Diller

35.1. V ery pro-Nazi shopkeeper who refuses service to anyone who does not salute and say "Heil Hitler"

36. Arther Berg

36.1. Leader of a small group of thieves

36.2. Arthur is very kind to the others, divvying up their gains fairly and sharing with everyone the food brought to him by Rudy and Liesel

37. Ludwig S.

37.1. Ludwig taunts Liesel for not being able to read, and Liesel beats him up

38. Rudy S.

38.1. Liesel's best friend

38.2. Rudy is motivated throughout the novel by his love for Liesel

38.3. Dies in an air raid at the end of the novel

39. Alex Steiner

39.1. R udy's father, a tailor who does not hate the Jews, but was somewhat relieved when the Jewish tailors competing with him were driven out of town

40. Otto Sturm

40.1. A classmate of Liesel's who delivers food to the church every week

40.2. Liesel and Rudy knock him off his bicycle and rob him

41. Liesel M.

41.1. Protaganist

41.2. She learns to read and soon finds comfort in the written word

41.3. Liesel learns the power of words to influence humans to act towards both good and evil as she experiences the beauty and the brutality of humanity

42. Rosa Huberman

42.1. Hans' wife and Liesel's foster mother

42.2. A squat woman who makes some money doing laundry for wealthy neighbors

42.3. Maintains order in the household through difficult times, but her spirit is steadily beat down by several the events in the novel

43. Mrs. Jenson

43.1. Hides in the Fielders’ basement during air raids

44. Anna - Marie S.

44.1. Nun

44.2. Liesel and Rudy's Teacher

45. Emma Steiner

45.1. Rudy's sister

46. Rudolf

46.1. Dead boy Hans found on the street

47. Herr Fiedler

47.1. Family that lives six houses down from the Memingers

47.2. Basement serves as a bomb shelter during air raids

48. Rolf Schultz

48.1. Died in the bomb shealter

49. Frau Hallah

49.1. Lady in bomb shealter with Hubermans

50. The Fielders

50.1. Basement is used as bomb shealter