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Newsletter Topics by Mind Map: Newsletter Topics

1. Human Intelligence

1.1. - CI Ning Invitation

2. Differentiation from the Peer Group

3. Which is the greater competitive advantage: Secrecy or Transparency? Especially in the Age of Wikileaks - see related: Counter-Intelligence, etc.

4. February 2011

4.1. 16 Years in Business

4.1.1. Call for Future Topics

4.1.2. New Newsletter Format Coming in April

4.2. Super Bowl & Green Bay Packers

4.2.1. ASP in Dallas

4.3. Application of Intelligence for Strategic Planning

4.3.1. Corporate Governance in the Boardroom (white paper material)

5. Portfolio w/Derek, Craig, Arik & Michel Bernaiche

6. Derek, Arik, Greg, and Zach – roundtable on EMT

7. Aurora Sports

8. Derek, Daman, John - Project scoping, client experience, applying appropriate analyst depth

9. Derek (CEO) intro and welcome to new clients

10. Derek, Arik and Craig – roundtable on new “Intelligence Kinetics” - intro of Craig Fleisher to the team (to be used in May 1st press release?)

10.1. Current State of the CI LTD&P Market

10.1.1. Core problems

10.2. Transforming Aurora into a Learning Organization

10.3. Custom-Delivery Private In-House to Address Specific Business Problems

10.3.1. All other providers offer public, least-common-denominator commodified training modules

10.4. Learn from the person who "wrote the book(s)" on intelligence analysis

11. Tradeshow Intelligence

12. Derek, Arik, Eric Garland – Future Intelligence

13. Boardroom Intelligence for Corporate Governance Support w/Ron, Amy, etc.

14. March 2011

14.1. Video Newsletter Introduction

14.2. Intelligence for Growth: the Best Defense is a Good Offense

14.3. Planning teams must discard centralized, top-down planning and focus instead on developing a picture for five to seven years out by deploying 18-month business campaigns to reach planning objectives.