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Input by Mind Map: Input

1. What Is Input?

1.1. Inputis any data and instructions entered into the memory of a computer

2. In put devices

2.1. The key board

2.1.1. New node

2.2. Mouse

2.3. Other pointing devices

2.4. Touch Screens and Touch‐Sensitive Pads

2.5. Pen Input

2.6. Other Input for Smart Phones

2.7. Game Controllers

2.8. Digital Cameras

2.9. Voice Input

2.10. Video Input

3. Scanners and Reading Devices

3.1. Flatbed

3.2. Pen or Handheld

3.3. New node

3.4. Sheet‐fed

4. Biometric Input

4.1. Fingerprint reader

4.2. Face recognition system

4.3. Hand geometry system

4.4. Voice verification system

4.5. Signature verification system

4.6. Iris recognition system

4.7. Retinal scanners

5. Terminals

5.1. A terminal is a computer that allows users to send data to and/or receive information from a host computer

6. Input Devices for Physically Challenged Users

6.1. Keyguard

6.2. Keyboards with larger keys

6.3. On‐screen keyboard

6.4. Various pointing devices

6.5. Head‐mounted pointer

6.6. Gesture recognition

6.7. Computerized implant devices

7. Summary

7.1. Various techniques of entering input

7.2. Several commonly used input devices

7.3. Keyboard, mouse, and other pointing devices; touch screens, pen input, other input for smart phones, game controllers, digital cameras, voice input, video input, scanners and reading devices, biometric input, and terminals

7.4. Input devices for physically challenged users