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1. Work in teams at university

1.1. A group of people who work together to achieve a particular tasks

1.2. Coping skils development

2. Developing self concept through teams

2.1. Developing your identify as an individual in a team

3. Developing social skills in teams

3.1. Learning as a “community of practice”

3.2. Tacking problem areas

3.2.1. Problems talk small shyness in the crowded

3.2.2. Sollutions eliminate negative thoughts replace bad ideas with motivational thoughts reduce unhelpful behaviors practice to be more confident

4. Coping skills through teams

4.1. Help other to cope with any anxieties or problems

5. Team skills development

5.1. Forming

5.1.1. Discuss purpose and direction

5.1.2. Giving strategy of working together

5.2. Storming

5.2.1. There are also anxieties

5.2.2. Various opinions of group members

5.3. Performing

5.3.1. Begin to be a functional unit

5.3.2. Manage struggles in each stage

5.4. Norming

5.4.1. You try to make sense of what happened

6. Conflict resolution

6.1. Face conflict while teamwork

6.2. The disagreement or difference of opinion

6.3. Not at all. Some conflict can actually become constructive

6.4. Conflict resolution styles: win-win, compromise and win-lose

6.5. Other strategies-agreeing to disagreee, giving ground, arbitration

6.6. Individual conflict competences to develop in teams

6.7. Team behaviours to adopt

7. Tackling large, complex projects