Salah : Prayer in Islam The focal point in the life of a Muslim

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Salah : Prayer in Islam The focal point in the life of a Muslim by Mind Map: Salah : Prayer in Islam The focal point in the life of a Muslim

1. Grade 3    Perfect your prayer

1.1. Making Wudu right

1.1.1. Kinds of water

1.1.2. Doing wudu the right way

1.1.3. Hadith: The Prophet(saw) said: Jewelry (in Jannah) will cover the believer wherever wudoo reaches.

1.2. Learn the vocabulary for Salah

1.3. Memorize the Duas at each position of Salah: Qiyam,Rukoo, Sajdah, Salatu Ibrahimee, Tashahhud

1.3.1. Praying in the right way:position of hands, legs, palms, nose, knees etc Science Health benefits

1.3.2. English -Reading

1.3.3. Project:Make a presentation on the Positions of Salah

1.4. Use of Technology

1.4.1. 3D Salah

1.5. Quran

1.5.1. Memorization:Surah alFajr

1.5.2. Rivision: Surah al Alaq

2. Grade 4  I don't miss my prayers

2.1. Understanding Fard: Obligatory

2.2. Food for a health body and food for a health soul is Salah

2.2.1. Science A balanced diet chart A health body and mind: Three meals a day What is a soul: Rooh Healthy soul: pray five times a day

2.3. Benefits of prayer

2.3.1. Hadeeth Memorization on prayer and its benefits

2.4. Najasah:Impurities

2.4.1. Health and Hygiene

2.5. Taharah:Cleanliness

2.6. Quran

2.6.1. Memorization: Surah at Tariq

2.6.2. Revision: Surah al A'ala

3. Grade 5 The Friday prayers Praying in congregation

3.1. Athan: The call for prayer

3.1.1. Social Studies Designing a chart for the times of prayer for countries around the world

3.1.2. Learn the vocabulary

3.1.3. Memorize the Athan

3.2. Salatul Jama'ah: The congregational prayer

3.2.1. Moral value Understanding unity in diversity

3.2.2. Memorize hadeeth on Salatul Jama'ah

3.2.3. Learning how to perform salatul jama'ah A visit to the local masjid

3.3. Project: Salah and the community                  Devise a plan for a Masjid which will bring the community together, apart from Salah.

3.4. Quran

3.4.1. Memorization: Surah al Mutafifeen

3.4.2. Revision

3.5. Salatul Jumu'ah

3.5.1. Things to do on a Friday Make a 3D model

3.5.2. Benefits of Salatul Jumu'ah English Design a book on 'The Day of Friday  INCLUDE: hadeeth, benefits, a story about jumua, verse from the Quran

4. Grade 6   The Voluntary Prayers

4.1. Khusho: The heart of worship

4.1.1. Importance of Khushoo Science Reasearch on Concentration : what, how, why

4.1.2. Memorize the Dua on khushoo

4.1.3. Steps to develop Khushoo

4.2. Voluntary prayers

4.2.1. Vocabulary

4.2.2. Differentiate between:                 Salatul fard, Nawafil, Sunnah, Tatawoo

4.2.3. Salat ud Duha

4.2.4. Salatul Witr Dua'a ul Qunoot

4.2.5. Salatul Musafir Shortening of prayers Combining of prayers Prayer of the sick Design and technology Design a travelogue                 Include: The place/country of visit                                       The prayer of the traveller : its rules and conditions

4.3. Quran

4.3.1. Memorization Surah an naba'a

4.3.2. Revision

5. Grade 7  Praying step by step  Sunnah prayers

5.1. Praying the Prophet's(saw) way

5.1.1. Vocabulary

5.1.2. Prayer times Find out: How did people pray without a clock ? Choose an era. Research and Inquiry

5.2. Praying step by step the Prophet's(saw) way

5.2.1. Perform Salah in the Islamic room Salah led by an Imam(a student)

5.2.2. Student led Salah

5.3. Quran

5.3.1. Memorization Surah at Taqweer

5.3.2. Revision: Surah al infitaar

6. Grade 1  Zaid learns to pray

6.1. Direction of prayer

6.1.1. Social Studies Exploring the World map Using the map on the wall in the Islamic /Arabic corridor

6.2. Vocabulary words

6.3. Steps to salah

6.3.1. Perform in the school prayer room

6.3.2. Math Learning Numbers  in Qiyam, Rukoo and Sajdah

6.4. Trip to local Masjid

6.5. Project: design a prayer mat

6.5.1. Art

6.6. Quran

6.6.1. Memorization Surah al Nasr

6.6.2. Revision

7. Grade 2    I am seven I pray the right way

7.1. Learning the wudu

7.1.1. Perform wudu in the school prayer room

7.1.2. Science Health and hygiene

7.2. Importance of salah

7.2.1. Learning the vocabulary of Salah

7.3. Learning the steps of Salah

7.3.1. Perform in the School prayer room

7.3.2. Math Sequence

7.4. Trip to the local Masjid

7.5. Memorizing Tashahhud

7.6. Memorizing the Saltul Ibraheemiyah

7.7. Quran

7.7.1. Memorization Surah at Teen

7.7.2. Revision

8. Grade 8      Salatul Jumu'ah           Prayer in times of difficulty

8.1. The proper manner of Salatul jumu'ah

8.1.1. Learning to give a sermon English Write a one page sermon. Choose a topic of current affairs: An advice to the people Write a one page sermon. Choose a topic of current affairs: An advice to the people

8.1.2. Proper manners of Salatul Jumu'ah

8.2. Eid prayers

8.3. Prayer in times of Difficulty

8.3.1. The Prayer of the Sick

8.3.2. The traveller's prayer

8.3.3. Corrective rituals in prayer Salatul Qadaa Sajdatus Sahw

8.4. Quran

8.4.1. Memorization :Surah an naziaat

8.4.2. Revision

9. Grade 9 Hayaa: modesty, Shyness and honor

9.1. Hayaa: Modesty

9.1.1. Understanding Modesty

9.1.2. A part of Faith: Hadeeth

9.1.3. Virtue of hayaa

9.1.4. Levels of hayaa

9.1.5. The world without Hayaa

9.1.6. Hayaa in our modern Society

9.1.7. English Compare and Contrast   A lifestyle with and without Hayaa

9.2. Quran

9.2.1. Memorization: Surah al Abasa

9.2.2. Revision