Static Electricity

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Static Electricity by Mind Map: Static Electricity

1. Laws of Electrostatics

1.1. 2 types of charges

1.1.1. Positive Glass (rubbed with silk) Perspex (rubbed with wool)

1.1.2. Negative Amber (rubbed with fur) Rubber (rubbed with fur) Polythene (rubbed with wool)

1.2. Law of charges

1.2.1. Like charges repel

1.2.2. Unlike charges attract

1.3. SI unit of charge: Coulomb (C)

2. Principles of Electrostatics

2.1. Charging by Rubbing

2.2. Charging by Induction

2.2.1. Earthing Process

3. Electric Field

3.1. Electric Field Line

3.2. Rules of drawing

3.2.1. Lines must begin from positive charges to negative charges

3.2.2. No two field lines can cross

3.2.3. Number of lines drawn for a positive or negative charge is proportional to the magnitude of charge