The relationship between the Islamic and the Western culture is in shambles due to the war in Ira...

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The relationship between the Islamic and the Western culture is in shambles due to the war in Iraq, globalization and hatred for Islam caused by Western countries. by Mind Map: The relationship between the Islamic and the Western culture is in shambles due to the war in Iraq, globalization and hatred for Islam caused by Western countries.

1. The Western culture has damaged the Islamic world culturally and economically through their influential and often forceful aspects of globalization.

2. Globalization, is fantastic for majority of the economies that are involved with such a process, however, Muslim countries are often left out therefore, they suffer from their lack of involvment

2.1. These Muslim countries are afraid of the influence of the west that will be brought forth through globalization which will be detrimental to their beliefs and values

2.1.1. “the ways in which religious symbols and traditions are now manipulated in the West to serve predetermined ideological or political objectives” (Sullivan, 2008). Since Islam is generally more conservative and there are many rules to live by, in their opinion exposure to western lifestyles and the way things are liberally perceived will effect the way the Muslims live their life. Ultimately, this is a part of the reason why there will always be distance between the two.

2.2. Countries in the West have kept the poor Islamic cultures in a state of poverty through debts and war so they can remain dependent on the West for not only machinery, high-technology equipment and medicines but also high quality consumer and luxury good.

2.2.1. Iraq has said its overall foreign debt of $122 billion is hindering postwar reconstruction” (Fox, 2004). This guarantees the poor Islamic countries to remain in a state of dependency, therefore placing them at the bottom of developing countries for years. America took advantage of their involvement in the war in Iraq to create a war debt that Muslim countries must pay for. Ultimately, when Iraq gets out of debt, they will avoid the west as much as possible

3. Hatred towards Islam, has been increasing dramatically over the course of the 21st century because of the bias portrayal of  Islam that is being illustrated.

3.1. Even though Islamic extremists are wrong and commit gruesome actions, many do not understand that these extremists were initially created by the Western countries themselves.

3.1.1. ISIS terrorists are receiving support from the US and its allies(Array, 2015). Through media and social network databases, the west allows its citizens to control how Muslims are percieved which causes western people to want to prevent any involvement with Islam and in many cases, the results in hatred towards Islam The Western civilization has caused for destruction and hatred within the Islamic culture all for personal gain or due to mistakes; this has created even bigger conflicts between the two cultures

3.1.2. “this US and western habit  of playing with jihadi groups, which then come back to bite them, goes back at least to the 1980s war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, which fostered the original al-Queda under CIA tutelage” (Milne, 2015).

3.2. Through war, between the west and Islamic countries, there is a large amount of expenses, but there is also a vast amount of revenue that is earned for the western countries.

3.2.1. “without regular and ever-stronger doses of war it can no longer function properly, that is, yield the desired profits. Right now, this addiction, this craving is being satisfied by means of a conflict against Iraq, which also happens to be dear to the hearts of the oil baron” (Pauwels, 2003). Essentially, through conflict between the west and Middle-Eastern countries, there is a mass amount of money being made by west because they are stealing resources from the Islamic countries. Although it eventually became clear to the western citizens that the war was simply for resources (oil), no one cared because there was already a great deal of hatred towards those countries so these war crimes were "justified"

4. People who had lost loved ones to the invasion of Iraq can never forgive the Western  decision to invade Iraq and will always carry a feeling of hatred towards those that invaded their country. Some Westerners can never forgive the Islamic culture as they believe it is too “violent” and killed many of their soldiers and civilians through random acts of terror.

5. The western countries and Islamic countries relationship has been jeprodized due to the war on Iraq, which was caused through the Westerns suspicion of Iraq having "mass weapons of destruction" as well as their relationship with Al-Queda

5.1. The death toll resulting from conflict between the two, was much larger on the Iraqi side than it was on the western.

5.1.1. The number of Iraqis who died during the conflict is uncertain but is thought to be around 650,000 civilians and soldiers from the time period of the U.S.-led invasion and October 2006 (Tirman, 2006). With that being said, similar to any war it is always the innocent who suffer. In addition, there will always be a grudge against the west because of innocent that were killed.

5.2. After the war was over, many facts had risen to the surface which made the westerns true motives for invading Iraq questionable.

5.2.1. When USA first invaded Iraq, 72% of the population believed it was valid but by 2013 only 41% agreed with the invasion of Iraq (Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 2013). The west, had lied about what they were going to war for. They initially made it seem as if they wanted to eliminate the danger within the country but they were actually doing the complete opposite which has caused a great deal of everlasting anger amongst Islamic countries

5.2.2. A U.S. commission formed to investigate the September 11 attacks reported in July 2004 that there was no evidence of a relationship between the former government of Iraq  and al-Qaeda which was the main reason for America’s justification for the war (Roth, 2004).