Chapter 16: Static Electrcity

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Chapter 16: Static Electrcity by Mind Map: Chapter 16: Static Electrcity


1.1. Unlike charges attract

1.2. Like charges repel

1.3. Charged objects repel neutrally charged objects

1.4. Does not have to be caused by friction


2.1. Protons (+)

2.1.1. Perspex rubbed with wool

2.1.2. Glass rubbed with silk

2.1.3. Electric field lines point outwards

2.1.4. Electric fields point outwards Considered positively charged if more positive charges than negative charges

2.2. Electrons (-)

2.2.1. Rubber rubbed with fur

2.2.2. Amber rubbed with fur

2.2.3. Polythene rubbed with wool

2.2.4. Electric field lines point inwards Considered negativele charged if more negative charges than positive charges

2.3. Neutral

2.3.1. Object is neutral if number of negative charges and positive charges are the same


3.1. Rubbing

3.1.1. Transfer charges from one object to another eg. From shirt to ballon

3.2. Induction

3.2.1. Electric charges formed on the surface of the conductor

3.2.2. Can be done more than once

3.2.3. Can be used to get positive or negative charges Earthling process Causes charges to flow from body to earth ans vice versa Charging by induction

4. Units

4.1. Measured in colombs (C)

5. Van der Graff generator


6.1. Petroleum transporting vehicles

6.2. May cause fires


7.1. Photocopy machine

7.2. Printer