direct democracy

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direct democracy by Mind Map: direct democracy

1. info graphics

2. alkalmazás/application

2.1. parlament

2.2. news/hírportál

2.2.1. link

2.3. democracy 3

2.3.1. Democracy Democracy is a government simulation game that was first developed by Positech Games in 2005, with a sequel released in December 2007 and a third game in 2013. The player plays as if they are the president or prime minister of a democratic government.

2.4. voting/szavazások

3. vs capitalism

4. vs fasizmus

5. vs szocializmus

6. vs sustainable/ fenttartható

7. with basic income system/feltetel nelkuli alapjovedelemmel

7.1. recive

7.1.1. gift card system

7.1.2. cripto currency

7.1.3. paypoint system

7.1.4. same like oyster card

7.2. generated by A.I./Mesterseges inteligencia altall generalt.

7.2.1. When A.I. reach 51% efficiency trading on Stockmarket we can receive basic income./Amikor a mesterseges inteligencia 51%-os hatasfokkal uzletel a tozsden akkor ez biztositani tudja az alapjovedelmunket.

8. with glass pocket system/uvegzseb programmal

8.1. Using blockchain tecnologie, smart contracts./Bloklanc technologiat hasznalva,okos szerzodesekkel.

8.1.1. for coverment trends/Allami trendeknel

9. Legalize

9.1. With Block chain technology the income can be follow back to the community.


9.3. A marihuána legalizálás tapasztalatai [ÖM #232]


11. A részvételi demokráciáról - Takáts Péter