Scenario 3a Giving High to Low. Instructor captain Manuel Diaz is flying with f/o Hirisho Uzumi on his last linetraining flight from Istanbul to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Hirisho is fully qualified to fly the Airbus A330, but is in the final part of his training, getting familiar with the routes to the east. After he makes this final trip, he will be installed as a f/o at Air Amadeus. Amongst the passengers is a man with a broken back on a stretcher. The passenger is stable, but in pain. Medical personnel is on board to accompany the man. Weather has deteriorated quickly at Colombo airport due to the remains of a typhoon in the Bay of Bengal. High and unstable winds combined with showers and rain make the approach and landing into Colombo very challenging. Turbulence op final approach and a possible hard landing to eliminate aquaplaning on the flooded runway are likely to occur. Coming from the west, their alternate airport of Bangalore, India is still within flying distance, with fair weather and almost no wind. Hirisho is pilot flying on this stretch and has to perform the approach and landing during this flight.

by Steven Becker 01/14/2017