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charity by Mind Map: charity

1. politics

1.1. government organization

1.1.1. money could be wasted by over granting some charity's and under granting others. this leads to some charity's not being properly funded and issues not being resolved

1.1.2. money is usually invested in things that are more facial than practical wasted money

1.2. government kick backs

1.2.1. this is when a government employees put government money in there private companies at expansive costs x cost more tax dollars it makes corrupt people richer making sociability a worse place

1.3. more important government issues

1.3.1. some things may be seen as more crucial to spend money on in the eyes of the bureaucrats

2. social

2.1. the feel good factor

2.1.1. this makes people feel good about themselves because they helped people

2.1.2. makes people feel because they donate there small amount of money its no longer there problem leads to people not helping with global or local issues

2.2. the donate to impress poeple

2.2.1. people donate because of social pressure or social expectations money gets donated to charity it doesn't cause a

3. culture

3.1. destruction of culture

3.1.1. sometimes the donation of foreign and technology progressed item this can lead to the desire for more of the new culture that they had previously never seen

3.2. allows the cultures to share there knowledge

3.2.1. this allows us to find natural medicines for modern diseases as well as inspiration for modern machines allows for advancement in technology

3.2.2. allows us to have unique interactions with cultures either through charity or through vacation allows the advancement of social policys between cultures

4. economical issues

4.1. money is often wasted

4.1.1. a percentage is often taken for personal use this leads to less being donated

4.1.2. sometimes the service that there providing is not necessary or not wanted this leads to excess spending

4.2. expensive

4.2.1. the cost of providing to charities is often more then the common person can donate

4.3. no money

4.3.1. sometimes charities don't ask for money but ask for time

5. technology

5.1. cancer treatment

5.1.1. takes billions of dollors takes a lot of time

5.1.2. so many institutions difficult to monitor often repeats experiments

5.2. crop engineering

5.2.1. bad side effect and bad nutrition leads to unhealthy poeple could cause cancer easily hurt by disease and insects

5.2.2. able to quickly feed the masses the poeple dont starve provides more income

6. ethics

6.1. charity  helps poeple

6.1.1. it can help those out of a job this can help provide a stable source of money until they can locate work this prevents families from starving or falling into homelessness

6.1.2. it can help those developed amenities that they cant finance themselves this can include hospitals, wells, roads, bridges or other structures that are necessary in a modern world

6.1.3. helps provide expensive nessecitys this includes things like aspirin, flue shots, or other medical help

6.2. charity hurts poeple

6.2.1. charity often causes dependence for those usin it poeple often start to rely on free money over going out and earning money this causes compliance at the expense of the people giving to charity sometimes you make more off the handouts of charity over working a low paying job this leads to a charity cycle that never results in a healthy form of income

6.2.2. it treats the effects of the problem not the issues that cause the problem its a band aid for a bullet wound

6.3. Problem 3

7. envirment

7.1. protection of natural resourses

7.1.1. helps raise the standard of living in the future

7.1.2. helps keep unique materials around until we find a correct usage for them helps raise the standard of living helps solve  the medical problems of our world

7.2. protection of are worlds beauty

7.2.1. this helps motivate great works of art and music

7.2.2. helps preserve the world for are children and future generations helps protect our legacy and protect humanities legacy