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Nurturing our culture by Mind Map: Nurturing our culture
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Nurturing our culture

Fortescue for life

Become an "Employer of Choice in WA" - focussing on the notion that working at Fortescue is a long-term partnership. Fortescue providing job security and employee retention.

Job Security

Job security to counteract change that comes with agility - job rotation, feed fresh views with innovation.

Succession planning

Focus on personal development & succession planning

Promote from within

Policy of promoting from within - peer recognition

Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty - build brand - connect to the brand so people want to work at FMG (eg. Google)

Work/Life balance

Support personal pursuits - flexibility is provided

Family friendly

Having a "Family Friendly" environment will support diversity and create a sense care / mateship and belonging.

Dry sites

Dry sites with a hook - e.g. more money for more productivity (that could be implemented at new sites).


Promote diversity in the Fortescue workforce (eg. cultural and gender diversity) - embracing diversity promotes family togetherness and balance.

Father/Mother figure

Family leaders not necessarily business leaders - Father / mother figure that is personable and gets to know people in the organisation.


Provide Fortescue childcare facilities that fosters family values and allows mothers / fathers to continue working - with the flexibility and services provided.


Programs to promote family - Buddy / Mentoring / Counselling Programmes

Employee referrals

HR selection - Employee referral schemes ("find like minds") - these may be ex colleagues, friends, family etc.

Sense of ownership

A sense of ownership will encourage and promote efficient efficiency and diligence.

Shares to families

Provide family shareholding options.

Share Plan

Provide equity to employees - employees share plan / provide share options to tie in employees (exercisable in tranches).

Profit share

Provide share of profits to employees.

Group outlook

Create a group outlook (through consultative process) - employees feel as though they contribute to the overall outcomes of Fortescue.

Ability to act

Employees need to know that they can make a difference and that there are avenues for them to achieve this

Challenge without fear

Give employees capacity to challenge without fear - formal process that protects the individual.

Open doors

Build a non-threatening open-door approach - allowing open communication between all employees and with management.

Decision making process

Education on decision making process/change - Facilitate easy decision making based on values (less red tape, less bureaucratic).

Permission to fail

Permission to fail within boundaries (which need to be clearly articulated and understood).


Open feedback days - specific designated days where open feedback is encouraged (without consequences) - structure / format for this is formalised.


Stewardship - employees taking responsibility for family & associated culture / values.

Employee voice

Employee voice - Conduct surveys - what do people find important?  Belief that the employee can make a difference.

Embedding family values

Defining and embedding family values into the fabric of the organisation.

Defined cultures & values

Clear definition of values and culture. Define value events - what is expected in terms of behaviour/family.

Key Performance Indicators

Build 'family' KPIs i.e. values - and what it means to the organisation if KPIs achieved (ie resulting benefits / consequences).

Safety focus

Safety focus - "my brother's keeper".

Challenge non-compliance

Mechanism for challenging when people don’t comply with values (ie Not the 'Fortescue' way - raised with the manager etc)

Shared View

Inducting employees into the shared view of family values.

Linked to performance

Performance based on peer review & family groups. Select out those who don't fit - Support mechanism around this - 'big sister'.


Reward based on individual & group performance.  Individual recognition of contribution to the whole.  Needs clear parameters.

Build communities

Community support and interaction will foster a sense of empathy / care - which are core family values

Family assistance

"Bank" loans, schools, education (Japanese model, e.g. Toyota personal bank)

Social contract

Social contract - understand how Fortescue wants to interact with society / community and develop a social contract to achieve.

Indigenous employment

Indigenous employment (eg. Summit 300 Program) - working with local programs and communities to try and encourage indigenous employment.

Training & employment

Training & development - through TAFES, apprenticeships.

Build relationships

Build relationships outside Fortescue / engage with the community.

Visible Culture

Displaying a high commitment to family values and culture.

Visible values

Visible values - displayed and practiced - lead by the senior management team.

Permeate values

Define & translate the values and strategy to the roles the employees play.