Election of 1828

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Election of 1828 by Mind Map: Election of 1828

1. Why Does Jackson War on the Bank in 1832?

1.1. Jackson challenged by Clay, and soft versus hard money becomes an electoral issue. Clay hopes that this bank issue will make Jackson look crazy, because sane people think centralized banks are good.

1.2. Nicholas Biddle was a jerk. Corruption allegation (probs true). Biddle gives bank favors in an effort to build opposition to Jackson; gets served.

1.3. FAIL. Clay served. Jackson wins. Directs the Goverment to put funds in "PET BANKS."

1.4. 1836 the BUS fails.

2. Nullification Crisis of 1832/1833

3. Crisis of Election of 1824 --3 of 4 candidates are not chosen by party caucuses. No one receives a majority; AJ gets the most electoral votes, and most popular votes. Clay throws votes to J.Q. Adams (corrupt bargain).

3.1. Dissolution of the Federalist Party 1816

3.2. Republican party splits in the early 1820s over (Democratic Republicans split from Whigs)

4. J.Q. Adams Administration

4.1. Jacksonians shut down congress.

4.2. Henry clay is SOS

4.3. Tariff of Abominations (South is Hella Mad)

5. JQ Adams vs. Jackson, the revenge. Martin van Buren ran as Veep.

6. Blah blah blah... Appealed common man. Agrarian government versus urban. Paper currency is bad. Indians are bad. Education is bad. Corrupt bargain-> proof of political elites conspiring against THE COMMON MAN.

7. Birth of the Second Party System

8. Idea of democracy: spoils system, where the winners get government jobs because that be democratic.