What effects does different liquids have on pork meat?

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What effects does different liquids have on pork meat? by Mind Map: What effects does different liquids have on pork meat?

1. Effects

1.1. What are the effects of different liquids on pork?

1.1.1. Based on... Texture hard or soft inner and outer surface rough or smooth rubber properties (ability to bounce) Colour Absorption of liquid Smell Ability to dissolve the meat Temperature Size

2. liquids

2.1. Coke zero

2.1.1. 1. Does coke contain any harmful acids that will dissolve the meat?

2.1.2. 2. Does coke contain any perservatives?

2.1.3. 3. How is coke bad for our body?

2.2. Guinness stout

2.2.1. 1. How is alchol bad for us and will it have the same effect on meat?

2.2.2. 2. Are there acidic contents in this alcohol?

2.3. Orange juice

2.3.1. 1. It is proven that orange juice is good for us, but is it good for pork meat too?

2.3.2. 2. Will citric acid in orange juice dissolve the meat?

2.4. Apple Cider Vinegar

2.4.1. 1. Is vinegar good for marinade?

2.4.2. 2. Can vinegar kill germs?

3. learning process (supplementary)

3.1. Will adding liquids to meat before cooking tenderize the meat?

3.2. Will adding liquids to the meat before cooking it enhance its taste?

3.3. Will adding liquids before braising or frying pork spoil its supposed texture?

3.4. How long will the colour of the pork meat last after soaking it in liquids?

4. Pork meat

4.1. 1. What are the factors that increase the speed of meat rotting?

4.2. 2. Is it easier to dissolve processed pork or raw pork?

4.3. 3. Which liquid is best for killing harboured worms?

4.3.1. trichinosis

4.3.2. roundworm

4.3.3. pinworm

4.3.4. hookworm

4.4. 4. Is raw pork meat good at absorbing liquids?

4.5. 5. Is the effect the same if the liquids are applied on raw beef? (are the qualities of pork the same as beef?)

4.6. 6. What is the best liquid for preservation?