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98% by Mind Map: 98%

1. The Teachers

1.1. The Bad

1.1.1. McRibs doesn't dance nearly often enough

1.2. The Good

1.2.1. I'm thankful for the formation of the coalition of editors

1.2.2. Manage to keep all students learning , in spite of differing skill levels

1.2.3. I find class interesting

1.2.4. Created an accepting atmosphere

1.2.5. I enjoyed the election coverage

1.2.6. Kind people with fun personalities Can and will be mean/stern/strict when it's necessary

2. What to do

2.1. Personal

2.1.1. Work on coping with stress

2.1.2. Get Daniela to accept the name Coalition of Editors Possibly come up with better name No acronyms

2.1.3. Enjoy myself Don't lose myself in my work Don't let an excess of stress build up

2.1.4. Get more sleep Seriously though

2.1.5. Read more Find new books Find out Mr.Mo's opinion of ebooks

2.2. Academic

2.2.1. Get better at taking notes

2.2.2. Work on working in groups Listen to all group members Allow/make sure everyone does equal work

2.2.3. Get better at proof reading

2.2.4. Get better at your and you're, also the "there"s Daniela may kill me

3. Why 98?

3.1. The Good

3.1.1. I turned in all papers

3.1.2. Stayed out of conflict

3.1.3. Didn't break from stress

3.1.4. Did what had to be done to finish work

3.2. The Bad

3.2.1. I could have put forth more effort

3.2.2. I should have done a better job communicating with my team

3.2.3. I need more sleep

3.2.4. Get less sidetracked during class Maybe actually manage to not have homework

3.2.5. Don't fall behind on work

4. What's to be learned?

4.1. I need to work on my writing

4.1.1. Use more emotion

4.1.2. Keep track of sorces Get better at using MLA format Cite work more smoothly Remember to cite work

4.2. I'd love to learn more history

4.2.1. It's fascinating to see how we humans have acted over time

4.2.2. How has available technology effected the social structure and government system

4.3. Learn how to support my arguments with facts

5. The never ending, grinding gears of the P-Tech program

5.1. Honestly, the gear came with the template and i kept it cause i liked it

6. *Adds generic teacher  photo*

7. The inspiring stylings of Bobby Flay