Video Games

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Video Games by Mind Map: Video Games

1. Where is the EQUITY?

1.1. Male characters appear more frequently

1.2. Black people are often not appearing in video games

1.3. Asian men are usually portrayed as culturally ignorant; while Asian women are portrayed as submissive

1.4. Only 15% portrayed women  as heroes, while 21% portrayed women as victims or as so- called “damsel in distress”

2. Understanding the rating system

2.1. 57% of people do not follow the rating system

2.2. Video games are rated by the ESRB in the U.S and Canada

2.3. Kids who play video games rated for people older than themselves, can easily take influence of their characters and cause violence

2.4. Age ratings are often ignored when they should be viewed with user discretion and by parents

3. Recommendations for appropriate play

3.1. People should be aware of their game's rating and reviews

3.2. Maximize amount of time of video games for each day

3.3. Choose wisely types of games, games that don't always involve violence

3.4. Set multiplayer controls you're comfortable with

4. Very first video game

4.1. The first arcade game was made in October 1958

4.2. It was made by William Higinbotham

4.3. The game was a simple tennis game called Pong

4.4. That arcade game is still being played today

5. Advantages of video games

5.1. Video games boost your memroy

5.2. They reduce stress and make you have fun

5.3. Video games can sharpen your decision making

5.4. They can help address autism

6. Concerns about video games

6.1. Some video games cause violence effects to the gamer

6.2. People can get obsessed and abuse their time on video games

6.3. Video games can stunt the growth of a human brain

6.4. They give the inability to sleep, eating healthy and exercising

7. The Business of video games

7.1. About $34 billion were earned in the video game industry during the 2010's

7.2. The average gamer is about 35 years old, men or women

7.3. About 64 million children play video games in America

7.4. 86%) Are aware of the ESRB rating system. among them, 97% believe the rating system is accurate.