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Video games by Mind Map: Video games

1. equity

1.1. sexism

1.1.1. girls not used

1.1.2. boys always used

1.2. gender stereotype

1.2.1. boy saves girl

1.2.2. girl is weak and boy is strong

1.3. diversity

1.3.1. skin colour black never there white always there brown never there

1.3.2. culture europe africa asia north+south america ect.

1.3.3. abilities smartness made fun of disabilities made fun of problems made fun of

1.3.4. age young used in video games old made fun of stereotypes

1.4. LQBQT

1.4.1. never showed in video games

1.4.2. not taken serious

1.5. countryism

1.5.1. american characters always in video games

1.5.2. population in other countries/ contuntes Asia never used made fun of Africa never used made fun of europe never used made fun of south America never used made fun of

1.6. accents

1.6.1. other country made fun of ex: english accent made to sound weird

1.6.2. barely any used in games

2. rating system

2.1. not obeyed

2.1.1. users under age

2.1.2. buying older person buying-given to kid

2.2. not rated to right age

2.2.1. 10-12 age kids can only watch rated G,PG though able to watch PG13 matter

2.3. not rated to matter

2.3.1. rated "R" with only a bit of blood

2.3.2. rated "PG13" though PG

2.4. rated by different opinions

2.4.1. wrong rating under rating over rating

3. appropriate recommendation

3.1. guide lines

3.1.1. parental knowledge on game

3.1.2. kids/teen usage of game timeline type of game gendre age appropriate

3.2. rating

3.2.1. rated to province/ state curriculum knowledge in violence blood weapons sickness knowledge in mature subject matter

4. advantages

4.1. reduce stress

4.1.1. things needed to be done in a small amount of time

4.1.2. not knowing how to solve something hard

4.2. social

4.2.1. comunicating to other people in a different way

4.2.2. meeting new people from different countries

4.3. distraction of bad feelings

4.3.1. sadness

4.3.2. madness

4.3.3. bad day

4.4. thinking

4.4.1. perspective different ways to do things

4.4.2. smartly

4.5. set goals

4.5.1. win

4.5.2. pass level

4.5.3. badges earned for completing different tasks in the game

5. business

5.1. piracy

5.1.1. copied games

5.2. big prices

5.2.1. a lot of money spent an making video game

5.2.2. purchase price is high

5.3. emploies

5.3.1. women low pay treated poorly

5.3.2. men high pay treated respectively

6. disadvantages

6.1. addicting

6.1.1. won't stop playing important things set aside so you can complete the game or finish game tasks homework projects chores extracurriculars family time

6.2. violence

6.2.1. blood

6.2.2. weapons

6.2.3. killing

6.3. eye problems

6.3.1. blurry vision needing glasses

6.4. bad behaviour learned from the video game

6.4.1. aggressive angry harsh

6.4.2. rude sassy disrespectful disruptive

6.4.3. physical behaviour hitting kicking playing with weapons ect.

6.4.4. foul language swearing racist and stereotype comments

7. Parents

7.1. Unaware

7.1.1. genre of game inappropriate violence

7.1.2. the game being used

7.1.3. rating of game not appropriate for child's age

7.1.4. amount of usage played for a lot of time

7.2. don't care

7.2.1. don't do anything

7.3. care

7.3.1. what the game is... appropriate age gendre genre