Static Electricity Timothy Teo(32) 4h2

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Static Electricity Timothy Teo(32) 4h2 by Mind Map: Static Electricity  Timothy Teo(32) 4h2

1. Electric field lines

1.1. Show electric fields, they also show space, and how the field affects the space around the field

1.2. Lines never cross

1.3. Further the lines are from the electrons, the less it is affected by it.

1.4. When the field lines are closer the field is virtually unbreakable

2. Ways to avoid.

2.1. Not standing under a tree or lamppost during a thunderstorm

2.2. Not using electronics

2.3. Staying far away from metals or water

3. Lightning

3.1. Extremely Hot -30,000 °C (54,000 °F)

3.2. Caused by the reaction between negative & positive charges.

3.3. Lethal

3.4. Also caused by reaction of electrons

4. Charge

4.1. Positive & Negative Charges

4.2. Positive & Negative charges attract & vice versa.

4.3. e is the charge of proton, while -e is the charge of electron.

5. Coulomb

5.1. 6.24 x 10^18 e

5.2. Force = ( k q1.q2 ) ____________ d^2

5.3. Unit is Nm^2 ______ C^2

5.4. K = 9x10^9

6. Electric field